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Lulav & Etrog Visit

Get a visit from a lulav shaker on Sunday 4th October.


Experience the Sukkah Mobile

Fulfill the mitzvah and create a wonderful memory. Book your visit from 5 - 9 Oct. 

Book a Sukkah Visit and lulav shake in the inner city within 5km of CBD - Fitzroy, Carlton, North Melbourne, Collingwood, Abbotsford, Richmond, East Melbourne and South Yarra.


Book a visit from the Sukkah Mobile.

5th - 9th October.

Fulfill the Mitzvah of Sukkah!


Lulav & Sukkot  compliance restrictions

  • Visits should be should be done in strict compliance of the Stage 4 Restrictions. In particular:

  • The volunteer will not enter any private property but rather will at all times remain in the street;

  • Where the property contains multi dwellings, all residents at the property will at all times maintain social distancing and will not be permitted to gather socially at any time

  • The Volunteer will comply strictly with the Covid requirements when being in public areas, will maintain social distancing and will return directly to his home on completion of his predesignated route.

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