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The above link is a downloadable pdf document that contains all of Melbourne’s Shofar blowing locations and times.

Please print or take note of your location time before 5pm today as will be off-line during Rosh Hashanah. Thank you and Shanah Tova!!

Volunteer Shofar blowers have been allocated zones which comprise of a few streets (which they will walk up and down). In locations where Jewish population is more sparse and there were fewer volunteers available, the DHHS has created a protocol for creating shofar blowing central points. Like the home reservations, these points require registration and have specific time locations.

Times of volunteers arriving in your area will be emailed to you (if you reserved). If you did not book a shofar blowing, please listen out for the shofar and come out to the street as the shofar blower will blow multiple times on each street.

Home Shofar blowing request (Closed)

Project High Holy Days have been working with the Victoria police and DHHS to formulate a set of protocols that will allow members of our  Jewish community to hear shofar on second day Rosh Hashana, ‪Sunday, 20 September‬ .


Hundreds of trained volunteers will be allocated scheduled walking routes and times  to blow shofar outside homes throughout Melbourne. Members of the community will be afforded the opportunity of hearing shofar whilst remaining within their own properties.
View the official RCV statement.

A map of locations and times will be available here this Thursday, however, to ensure your area is not “passed over” please take a moment to register your Interest in hearing shofar from your home

This is just the beginning... We're working on bringing you all the information needed to display the Shofar blowing locations and times, but it will take some time, please come back soon for full details.

Shofar blowing compliance restrictions

  • Shofar blowing should be done in strict compliance of the Stage 4 Restrictions. In particular:

  • The volunteer will not enter any private property but rather will at all times remain in the street;

  • The person residing at the property will not be permitted to leave his/her property during the Shofar blowing

  • Where the property contains multi dwellings, all residents at the property will at all times maintain social distancing and will not be permitted to gather socially at any time during the Shofar blowing (This means that residents will listen to the Shofar from their balconies or windows where possible, or come to the entrance of the building in household groups at different times that have been previously organised.)

  • The Volunteer will comply strictly with the Covid requirements when being in public areas, will maintain social distancing and will return directly to his home on completion of his predesignated route.

  • He will take off his mask each time he blows the Shofar, replacing it immediately afterwards.

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