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Shabbos with my daughter Tarryn

Lynnece LeBransky

East Stkilda

a little bit of light in a world full of darkness

shabbat candle lighting signifies the importance, unity and power of jewish woman around the globe!



Most meaningful family experience!

Thank you for making this possible, it's brought light and joy into our home.

Sarah Smith


Lighting up the Jewish community

We love lighting the candles to bring in the start of Shabbat

Tamar and Charlotte

Caulfield South

Don’t stop believing

Next year in Israel 🙏


Bentleigh East

Spreading the word

Was so lovely to be able to offer other Yiddin walking by wishing the kids Shabbat Shalom some candles and start a conversation if they knew someone that they could pass on candles and bracha print out so they to could light. The kids felt great pride!

Rachel & kids


Let's fill the world with light - goodness and kindness!

We love uniting with other women in lighting the Shabbat candles!

Miriam Gold


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