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About Project High Holydays

With the High Holydays this year going to look like no other, the RCV presents Project High Holy Days, a communal initiative which will bring the High Holy Days to you. In strict compliance with DHHS restrictions we are uniting as a community and creating opportunities to empower Melbourne Jewry to connect with our holiest days in mind, body and soul. Staying Apart but still being a part, Project High Holydays will unite and uplift Victorian Jewry. Hundreds of volunteer Shofar blowers will walk the suburbs of Melbourne to ensure that every Jewish person is able to hear the Shofar while easy to follow "DIY" videos will be created so you can participate from home in the many customs and traditions of Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Sukkot. We aim to provide unity events, exciting Rosh Hashana themed activities for children and fun and interactive cooking demos for families to enjoy while preparing for the festive meals. We hope that you'll become a part of this wonderful initiative.

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